“We’ve seen other artificial lawns with strong pet urine odours and can’t believe the difference PetFill™ has made to our lawn”.

Andy, Bayswater (September 2013)

Pet Fill artifiicial turf odour protection

PetFill™ is an organic mineral blend that naturally reduces pet odours making it ideal for use as an in fill product for artificial grass.

Lawn Reborn

LawnReborn™ – A quick solution to neutralise pet odours

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of replacing your silica sand infill with PetFill™, then a quick solution for you will be to spray the lawn with LawnReborn™.

LawnReborn™ is a powerful artificial turf cleaner and deodoriser. Attach your hose directly onto the nozzle, turn the nozzle’s valve to the “on” position and spray your turf making sure you completely cover the artificial grass surface.

Product is safe for pets and children, you don’t even need to remove your animals whilst spraying.

Frequency of spraying will need to be carried out on a more regular basis if your lawn does not have PetFill™ and will be determined by the size of the dog, the size of the garden and how often your dog urinates.